Best Selling Coffees

These are our most popular artisan, single origin and blended roasted coffees, covering a wide range of countries, from all over the world.
They are available as whole bean, or ground for espresso, filter, french press or moka pot in 250g or 1kg bags.


Knowing where our coffees come from, how they were farmed and produced is at the heart of everything we do at Strangers. This can only be achieved with transparency within every step of the production process, from sourcing the raw beans to the finished cup at the end. We want to pass this information onto the customer so they know exactly where their coffee comes from and the journey it's taken to end up at our roastery.


We sample every coffee before buying the raw green beans, once we've found a coffee we love, we profile it on our roaster to achieve the best flavours possible. We taste and analyse every batch of coffee roasted making sure we're happy with the flavours before releasing it. By carrying out these processes it means we have complete control over everything we do in the roastery.



We showcase some of the best coffees from around the world. We want our customers to try exciting and complex coffees specifically chosen by us for their characteristics. Our coffees change throughout the year depending on the current crop cycles so there's always something new to try as well as having a few staples that you can always get your hands on.

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Why not check out the full range of fresh roast beans to find that special flavour that suits your individual palate as well brewing equipment to make the perfect cup of coffee.