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We have set up a state of the art speciality coffee roastery and are looking for new clients to take our coffee. We focus on quality through every step of the roasting process to ensure a high calibre consistent product. We can also supply a range of commercial machinery to go along side our coffee if you're either just starting up or you're ready for an upgrade. If this is something that you believe would work well within your business, we'd love to hear from you.  Please fill out the form at the bottom of the page and we'll get in touch.

Coffee Cherries



We work closely with a number of green bean imports to offer a range of truly exceptional coffees at Strangers. We are committed to working with importers that focus on quality and transparency with their sourcing methods. Knowing how the coffee has been farmed, the working conditions on that farm as well as making sure a fair price has been paid for the coffee and as a result the coffee farmers can grow and improve their products year on year. In return for this we get to roast and sell some of the best coffee from around the world.



Coffee Roaster



We try every coffee that comes into the roastery from the importers, first roasting it on our sample roaster to get a good understanding of the flavours before committing to buying quantities of the green beans. Once we have selected an exceptional coffee and we have a basic understanding of the flavours, we profile it on our main coffee roaster followed by our post roast quality control. We taste every batch of coffee roasted multiple time to make sure we are completely happy with it as well as takingcolour readings and checking the solubility to make sure we are consistent with our roasting. Once it has passed all of its checks we are happy to sell the coffee ready for customers to brew.






We offer consulting within our range of products, helping new business’s starting up as well as helping pre existing customers with on going consulting and training. We can supply a range of machinery to match your budget as well as training on it to maximise the potential of staff and machinery.

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