Speciality coffee in Norwich on a Sunday?

For a while now the question of, where can you get a decent cup of coffee, on a Sunday, in norwich had been left unanswered. 
I normally suggest taking some of our delicious beans to brew at home in your preferred method until now.....

That's right coffee lovers, Strangers is now open on a Sunday between 10.30 - 4! If you don't fancy making yourself a filter coffee, you've run out of beans or you've got a hankering for an espresso or flat white to get you through the day, we'll be at hand serving an array of speciality coffees through the espresso machine and on the brew bar, you can simply sit back and enjoy. 

It'll be a relaxed atmosphere in the shop, as a Sunday should be, but if you don't have time to kick back you can still grab anything we offer as a takeaway as usual, although we will only have a limited amount of ciabattas so if food is on the agenda turn up early to avoid disappointment.