New Coffee: Konga Ethiopia

This coffee comes from around the area of Wote in the Konga Sub reigon, about 6km away from the Yirgacheffe town.

The ripe cherries are delivered to mill, where cherries are graded, sorted, de- pulped and then fermented underwater for between 36 - 48 hours, depending on temperature, humidity and other factors. Ethiopian fermentation times are generally longer than other African countries, as temperatures are generally cooler in the highlands of Ethiopian, due to Ethiopia’s more northerly latitudes.

The parchment is then sorted in washing channels, and placed onto raised African drying tables. The drying period generally lasts for up to 2 weeks, although standard drying is 7-10 days, until moisture level reaches 12% or lower. This coffee is sold through the ECX (Ethiopian Commodity Exchange) system, where this was classified by the ECX Central Liquoring Unit as a Grade 1 coffee.

There are appoximately 650 farmers contributing to the Kebel Konga Mill, with the local area recieving on average 2000 mm rainfall per year, with 8 months of the year being rainy and 3-4 months dry. The tempera- , ture ranges from 18C-30C. 

FARM – 650 Farmers, Kebel Konga Mill
ALTITUDE – 1800 - 2000 MASL
LOCATION – Wote - Konga sub region, Yirgacheffe district
PREPARATION – Grade one, washed
VARIETY – Heirloom

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Mill Konga

Sorting Cherries