New Coffee: Fazenda Santa Barbara

Tasting notes: A sweet and balanced coffee with flavours of chocolate, praline and hazelnut. 

Located in the region of Campo De Vetentes, Fazenda Santa Barbara is part of the region known as the Mantiquira Fields important for dividing the Brazilian plateau with its mountainous terrain and high altitude to attract precipitation. It is at this point there begins the source of three large river basins in Brazil. The area has some of the highest municipalities in the state of Minas Gerais state with the coldest climates, this colder environment and altitude lead to a slower and later maturation of the cherry bringing an increase element of sweetness and complexity. This combined with the rich, acidic and small pockets of dark red terroir provide a balanced environment to produce excellent coffees.

The farm was acquired by Olney Barreira Junior in 2012 is known as the ‘village of the waterfall’ due to the beautiful waterfall that sits on the property.  Since 2012 Olney Barreira Junior has overseen the replanting of the farm with new varietals as well as investing in the post-harvest infrastructure including the building of new terraces and installation of mechanical dryers. The farm sits at 1100-1200masl and it surrounded by small producers who are employed on the farm to help during the harvest period. In turn they are helped with their farming practices through education. The farm adheres to strict environmental standards ensuring there is an adequate number of shade trees, moderate pesticide use and the correct treatment of waste water with annual analysis to track yearly progression. The farm also adheres to Brazilian law that 20% of the farm must be given over to natural reserve.

Once picked the coffee is pulped with floaters removed. The coffee is then centrifuged to remove all water before the beans are laid out on the patio to dry for 10 – 15 days on the patio depending on the weather. Sometimes if there is too much rain the coffee will be mechanical dried where the temperature is monitored closely to ensure it never rises above 40°C. Once dried it is then allowed to rest before being milled and bagged.

FARM – Fazenda Santa Barbara, owned by Onley Barreira Junior
ALTITUDE – 1100 - 1200 masl
LOCATION – Carmacho Camps De Vententes

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