New Coffee: Colombia Los Congos

Tasting notes: A Clean and complex coffee with refreshing citrus notes, hints of caramel, chocolate and sweet orange.

Finca Los Congos is located in Vereda Santa Maria, Hulia. In the distance you can view the snowy peaks of the National Park del Nevado del Hulia. Beautiful steep hills covered in green coffee plants fill the landscape that makes the region unique and inaccessible in many places. 

The farm is located between 2080 and 2250 MASL sitting on volcanic soils in these vast steep hills. The temperature ranges form 19 - 22c all year with long sunny days.

Carmen Rojas and Victor Acevedo are both local traditional coffee farmers who inherited the land from their parents. They have been working this land for three generation learning the trade and secrets from their parents and grand parents. They have invested a lot of their time and on new resources selecting the right varietals for the land and microclimate. Their land has been blessed with natural glacier streams which help to create such a unique coffee.

Carmen and Victor are currently invested in new and better drying facilities to accommodate when the weather in the region becomes unpredictable and stormy. They have also denied to be as natural as possible when it comes to farming techniques, avoiding where possible to the use of mechanical equipment. This results in a labour intensive farm but as a result can be appreciated by the quality of their coffee. 

Additional Information:
Fermentation time: 23 Hours
Type of Fermentation: Aerobic
Drying time: 68 hours approximately
Drying process: direct sunlight on raised beds
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