Christmas Coffee Selection

We've been tasting some delicious coffees recently in order to get our Christmas coffee selection ready for you! We hope you enjoy the coffees we've picked. We've tried to get something that will suit everybody's tastes. These coffee's will be featured on our guest hoppers and brew bar throughout December so you can always sample them before committing to them.

  • GUATEMALAN SANTA CRUZ: Lots of chocolate, a slight nuttiness and delicate orange coming through. Creamy body with an orange acidity.
  • ETHIOPIAN ROCKO MT RESERVE, NATURAL: Fizzy body, sherbet sweetness. Blueberry notes with a mulled wine quality to it.
  • WINTER BLEND V2: Ethiopian Rocko MT / Kenyan Muwa AA / Kenyan Thiriku AA: Creamy body, lime acidity and candied fruit flavours coming through. 
  • KENYAN THIRIKU AB: Medium body, lemon acidity, balanced sweetness, notes of stewed fruits and pineapple.
  • ETHIOPIAN ARICHA NATURAL: Powerful fruit & floral notes up front. Sweet, rich chocolate & berry flavours  Intense long sweet finish.
  • INDIAN SEETHARGUNDU DECAF: Medium body, mild acidity, milk chocolate and hazelnut notes.