A New Year a new coffee

Happy new year to all our customers and coffee fans out there!

We wanted to kick this year off, like many people, with a few changes and our first is the house roast coffee we serve at Strangers, roasted by award winning roasters Butterworth and son. 

As some of you will know over the past few months our house coffee has been focused around select farms in Guatemala. We were lucky enough to receive a couple of farms first years crops and we've been delighted with the results. 

With this in mind we have sourced another one from a new farm in Guatemala called La Casita. This coffee is their first years crop and scored an 85 on the SCAA grading system. Here's a bit more information about the coffee:

Lot: La Casita
Farm: Finca La Concepcion Buenavista
Owner: Berardo Solano

Varietals: Bourbon, Catuai, Typica
Process: Fully washed and dried on patio
Farm Size: 100 Hectars (247 Acres)
Altitude: Average 1745 MASL
Soil: Lime clayish soils with slightly acidic PH
Rainfall: 2,600mm per year
Shade Trees: Chalun, Guachipilin and other native trees
Town: San Martin Jilotepeque

San Martin Jilotepeque, a valley over from Antigua is a relatively new region for coffee growing in Guatemala. It is a very dry area, however the soils are virgin; with coffee being the first crop every harvested. This give the region a great advantage due to the amounts of nutrients found in the soil.

Berado Solano is a third generation grower. His grandfather had a farm in Santa Rosa, another region of the Guatemala's coffee growing belt; but his father saw a better opportunity in the rich soils of San Martin. He Purchased the land and Berardo is now the only one in the family cultivating the coffee crop. 

This year we also aim to update our blog a bit more often, something which isn't always that easy to do when your making coffee all the time but with so many amazing things happening in the dynamic world of coffee we want to try and take time to share our thoughts, opinions and experiments with all who will listen.