A Christmas Coffee

With Christmas just around the corner now is the perfect time to treat yourself to a special coffee which is great however you like to brew. With flavours of mulled wine and rich liqueur chocolate our natural processed Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is a must have to get you in the Christmas mood. 

This coffee has been processed in the most traditional method leaving the fruit on the bean whilst it is dried on raised racks, this gives the coffee a beautiful fruit flavour and sweetness which when roasted and brewed passes into the final cup.

If you have a coffee machine at home why not try using our recipe below.

Use the steam attachment on your espresso machine to warm 150ml of
whole milk then add 20g of white chocolate and stir until the
chocolate has melted.

Freshly brew a double espresso into a 150ml cup and then add the white
chocolate infused milk up to the brim.

Decorate the surface of the coffee with a shop bought balsamic vinegar
glaze, or make your own, use a tooth pick to create an attractive
pattern on top.

For a final flourish dust with a strawberry powder made by blending
20g freeze dried strawberries and a teaspoon of icing sugar. Use a
sieve or tea strainer to prevent any big lumps when dusting.

The result is a luxurious coffee with flavours of rich liquor
chocolate and subtle strawberry, delicious.