We love coffee for the fact that it can be as simple or complicated as you choose to make it, it's a personal ritual. Saying that, there are a number of ways to improve your coffee at home/work or wherever you choose to brew it!

BEANS: They're pretty important for making coffee, buy them fresh and look for the roast date. You don't want to be drinking old stale coffee which has lost all of its wonderful flavour.

GRIND FRESH: Once you have those fresh beans the best thing you can do is grind the amount you need before brewing your coffee. This is because the oils in the coffee react to oxygen making it stale very quickly. We highly recommend using a burr grinder for getting a consistent grind size, however a blade grinder will work and is much preferred to pre ground coffee. 

WATER: Water temperature is very important, using boiling water will scold the coffee resulting in pronounced bitter flavours, instead the water should be between 88-95°C. Once brewed, enjoy the coffee over a few minutes, letting the flavours develop as it cools. 

BE PRECISE: Taking your time and following a recipe will mean getting a good cup, every time. Weighing out the coffee/water and timing the extraction period will help eliminate inconsistency. You can find our 'Brew Guides Here'. Make notes on what you like and dislike and play around with the recipe to tailer it to your preferences. 

For a bit more information on home espresso we've collaborated with a Youtube chef to create a short video explaining the basics of making espresso at home.

Home Brewing